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11th April 2019



Dear Parents / Families,

 I am very pleased to inform you that during the Easter Holiday, building work will commence at the school. This work is expected to continue until August, which means that we can expect disruption both on and around the school site during the Summer Term.


Stafford Construction have been contracted to undertake the build and they have been working closely with us to formulate a detailed Health and Safety plan.  We would appreciate you noting the important points below.


For the safety of children, parents, families and staff, Heras fencing will be placed around the perimeter of the building area.  This means that the infant yard will not be accessible, although there will be a narrow walkway to allow access to the rear door (adjacent to the School Office) and Reception and Year 1 Classrooms, at drop off and pick up times.  Please be vigilant at these times, ensuring that children are closely supervised. As per School Policy, please DO NOT ALLOW children to ride bicycles and scooters into the yard.  Any bikes and scooters MUST be left in the parking area on entry to the school, or left at home. Also, please take extra care around the fenced area. 


Breakfast Club

For the duration of the building work, access to Breakfast Club will be through the main front door, by the School Office. Please ensure adult to adult handover at this door.


School Gates

The main school pedestrian gate will be opened at 8.40am and will be locked at 9am.  Please ensure all children are closely supervised until doors open at 8.50am.


After School Clubs

For the duration of the building work, children must be picked up from the main school front door, adjacent to the School Office, following any after school activities.



It is essential that the bus stop outside the school is kept clear at all times, for the safety of everyone concerned.  Please allow additional time for parking and leave the school site promptly in the mornings and afternoons, in order to ensure safe drop off and pick up of our children.


These arrangements will be in place from Monday 29th April.  We will keep you updated of progress and will share any further information as required.  I would be grateful if you could ensure that this information is shared with everyone involved in drop off and collection of children from the school. 


If you require any additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation and understanding.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break.


Yours sincerely,


J. Morgan


J. Morgan




INSET – Monday 22/07/19

A further INSET day will be taken in the Summer Term – date to be confirmed.